Welcome to TheCoin.pw CHNCoin (CNC) Scrypt Mining Pool!


Welcome and thank you for visting. TheCoin.pw is a trusted mining pool provider for various cryptocurrencies all of which contain non mandatory pool fees and utilise the proportional payout method.

TheCoin.pw solely rely on member donations/advertising rewards to assist with ongoing costs related to the operation of all mining pools, please consider donating. We hope you enjoy this mining pool!

Pool Details
Coin Algorithm Scrypt
Payout System Proportional Payout
Pool Fee 0%
Payout Options Automatic or Manual
Withdrawal Fee 0.5 CNC
Difficulty Options Automatic (1 - 65536) or Selectable (8 - 65536)
Notable Pool Features Solid State Infrastructure, Stratum Support, SSL, DDoS Protection
Stratum Connection Details
Mining Difficulty Stratum Connection String Miner Hashrate
Automatic stratum+tcp://thecoin.pw:3860 Any
8 stratum+tcp://thecoin.pw:3861 0-124 KH/s
16 stratum+tcp://thecoin.pw:3862 125-249 KH/s
32 stratum+tcp://thecoin.pw:3863 250-499 KH/s
64 stratum+tcp://thecoin.pw:3864 500-999 KH/s
128 stratum+tcp://thecoin.pw:3865 1-2 MH/s
256 stratum+tcp://thecoin.pw:3866 2-5 MH/s
512 stratum+tcp://thecoin.pw:3867 5-10 MH/s
1024 stratum+tcp://thecoin.pw:3868 10-25 MH/s
2048 stratum+tcp://thecoin.pw:3869 25-50 MH/s
4096 stratum+tcp://thecoin.pw:3870 50-100 MH/s
8192 stratum+tcp://thecoin.pw:3871 100-200 MH/s
16384 stratum+tcp://thecoin.pw:3872 200-350 MH/s
32768 stratum+tcp://thecoin.pw:3873 350-550 MH/s
65536 stratum+tcp://thecoin.pw:3874 > 550 MH/s

Latest News
No Mining Hardware / Additional Hash Power
posted 09/29/2017 14:49:40

Would you like to mine this coin and don't have mining hardware? or maybe you would like add additional hash power without purchasing mining hardware. TheCoin.pw recommends using Mining Rig Rentals to connect to our mining pools, click the below image to start mining today.

Unfortunately over the last week TheCoin.pw has been a target​ to multiple DDoS attacks.

We have been working around the clock to secure our servers and now in the position to say we have mitigated the attacks. TheCoin.pw has upgraded its security to prevent these type of attacks from occurring again in the future.

Once again TheCoin.pw wishes to sincerely apologise to all of our members who experienced outages whilst these attacks were taking place. We really hope to see you mining again in the future.

Donations greatly appreciated
posted 04/25/2017 13:17:30

Like this mining pool? Why not donate to support ongoing costs to keep this mining pool operational.

Donations can be made to the following addresses:-

Bitcoin (BTC) - 16ZjQZ5ug2RimbqpeU4tLMtievFAG6Pudy
CHNCoin (CNC) - CZp5KymaHWYCnc86YpiU2ZWkeZVXCu3po6

TheCoin.pw CHNCoin (CNC) mining pool trial
posted 07/13/2016 22:17:30

TheCoin.pw are trialling a new CHNCoin mining pool, if enough interest is obtained we will consider retaining this mining pool.

The pool will remain active unless this mining pool falls idle and no blocks are located in over 60 days.